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Integral solutions for the pastry and bakery industry.


Raw materials distribution.


Line of products we develop.



What do we believe in?

Public perceptions are key elements to know where to start and how far you can go. A good image gives confidence  to our customers, distinguishes the company from the competition and makes it memorable.


we are aware that we live in a society of constant changes, that's why it is extremely important to promote and refresh our brand to remain leaders in our branch.

"we believe our brand is a positive evolution, not a desperate revolution"




grow the costumer, to grow us.

we offer our clients in the Pastry industry, solutions that allow them to increase their sales  and rentability through wholesome advisory,product innovation and efficient provision of the best raw materials for their business. That's how we achieve satisfaction and growth of our customers, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders.



Be leaders in the market!

We will be recognized as the "Bakery" experts in all selected markets, focusing on the growth and satisfaction of the needs of the flagship segments and opinion leaders.

Our Products

A complete Catalogue

We created a complete catalogue of products for a wide range of needs and clients.

Commercial Advisory

In AIS Bakery Experts we focus not only in the transactional relationship with our clients but also on the support that each of them require depending on their needs, attending them in a personalized and special way.

Technical Advisory

Part of our strength is that our clients are attended by profesionals in pastry and bakery. For this reason our products are adapted depending on what each client is looking to have.

Educational portal

Professional education

Grow the client to grow ourselves is what we believe, is why we give you the opportunity to keep growing.

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