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A letter for our clients

Thinking growth-growth

Both in nature and in the Bible, one can see that what is sown is harvested; What we give, we receive. Some time ago, we understood that many of our clients are great entrepreneurs, who gradually consolidated big Pastries. We also understood by affinity and experience, that there is nothing more energizing than to GROW.

Pastries in latin america were founded by local leaders who believed the american dream also included latin america, leaders who bet on their countries and their passions. there is really nothing that motivates more than to GROW.

Growth has impassioned our founders and companions from the beginning, seeking to understand how to grow, not only in our country, but in other as well. The intellectual curiosity and investment in talent has been the engine that drives us since the eighties  the opportunities have been great, key time for those who want to do things right.

AIS has capitalized a lot on experiences and investments of its own, all these learnings are put at the service of our clients, To make it easier for our allies to grow through tools, talents and experiences.

AIS ' growth formula consists of several parts, customers, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders,It's like a wheel, if one of the 4 areas stops growing and improving, the rest stops doing it too. So, we are all part of the growth depending on each other, collaborating and helping to grow in the long term.

AIS philosophy has stimulated the passion to grow and to be better of many people, enthusing entrepreneurs to give new airs to their businesses, believing it can be achieved and working with passion to achieve it. At AIS we cultivate  win-win relationships, looking for the long term.

Jorge Mansilla

Regional Manager


It has been for us the engine that drives our day to day, This passion is reflected in each approach with our customers and the time we dedicate to them, which we consider vital for the growth of their businesses.

Continuous improvement

The constancy and monitoring of processes have helped the essence of quality, reflecting what we need to do today to achieve long-term competitiveness.

Operative excellence

It is the consequence of doing things well.


Our work not only reflects our dedication, but also the dedication and honesty in the operation. The client can be certain that his business will be developed under the experience and AIS integrity standards.


It provides great strengths; Integrate individual

efforts and take advantage of the capabilities of each member. We achieve this value through th understanding that success is always of the team, not individual.

Our history

A great labor history.

We are a company with a career of more than 20 years, in which we have grown professionally and with our collaborators. We believe it is important that they know our history to know the love and commitment with which we create our products.



Nuestros inicios

Inicia “Alimentos Importados Superiores” con la finalidad de suplir a Domino’s Pizza.




Introducción de la línea de Bakery, a través de la marca Pillsbury, iniciando la comercialización de Premezclas.


Nuestros inicios

Inicia “Alimentos Importados Superiores” con la finalidad de suplir a Domino’s Pizza.



El Salvador

Inicia operaciones en El Salvador.




Inicia operaciones en Honduras.



México y Colombia

Inicia operaciones en México y Colombia



Ais Bakery Experts

Presencia en 5 países de Latino américa y más de 100 colaboradores.




Creación de marca Baken




Consolidación de operaciones en cada país. Estandarización de procesos y desarrollo de equipos de alto rendimiento.



Great Place to Work

Reconocimiento obtenido en Guatemala y El Salvador 2014 y 2015.


logoAISBC (1)


Creación de centro de producción AIS Bakery Co-Creation.


Logo Backen bajo 0-02 (1)

Baken Bajo Cero.

Creación centro de producción Backen Bajo Cero.


Bakery Depot

Apertura de la primera tienda One Stop Shop en El Salvador: Bakery Depot.

And we are still going!


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